'I have now been taking Nestor's class for over a year and I really like his teaching style.

He is very patient and always willing to explain, and his adjustments have helped me improve my practice. I also appreciate how he paces the class, not too slow but not too fast either.

I always feel better after one of his classes.'

Raffaele Zanotti

​'I used to believe that yoga was only for boring and ridiculously flexible people.

Thanks to Nestor, I learnt that yoga is pretty much for anybody who wants to take care of his/ her health, and that it's definitely fun!!'

Eva Ramos

'I’ve been practising yoga with Nestor for over 3 years.

His classes are broad and varied, from dynamic postures to breathing practices, encouraging students to try and learn new postures and techniques – there’s always something new for everyone, regardless of ability.

I enjoy his relaxed but conscientious approach to teaching – he’s very approachable, and no two classes are the same, keeping us motivated (and there’s always time for a good laugh too!).'

Laura Faas


​'Every day is different, dynamic and good fun.

Nestor explains everything in an easy way to follow (even if I am a beginner). 

After classes I am left energised and very relaxed! I highly recommend it.'

Teresa Roncal

'Nestor kindly covered one of my classes for 7 weeks when I had an operation. On my return to full health, I attended the session and thoroughly enjoyed the class and the delivery.
Nestor is a confident, intelligent and warm teacher, with a wealth of knowledge of Yoga and the human body. The class was fun and interactive, as well as informative... I left feeing wonderful.
My students and I can only sing Nestors praises, as they all really grew to love him and his style of teaching. 
I would highly recommend Nestor as a Yoga teacher

Rachael Medd
Yoga Teacher

​'Yoga with Nestor was a brilliant surprise in York.

I've been practising Yoga for many years and on my previous visits to the UK I tried many different classes. Fortunately, I found Nestor's class and never looked back.

Now each time I'm in York I go to his classes, where I enjoy a great Yoga practice together with a lovely group of people to complete the experience. The class fuses the 2 essential elements in life - exercise and friendship - and resonates with me... until the next session.

I recommend it highly.'
Pim Fisolo

​'I took up Yoga with Nestor around a year ago.

I like the classes a lot because of the friendly atmosphere.

Nestor is a very good teacher, patient with beginners and able to adapt his teaching skills to all types of levels!'

Ninfa San Segundo

'I took yoga classes with Nestor for a long while and enjoyed them a lot.

Before every class he explained the poses we were going to practice and the philosophy behind those poses. He not only gives good advice, but also pays attention to breath. He is a very helpful teacher.

After classes I always felt relaxed but also nicely tired after a good exercise session.'

Angela Roman